I’m not sure we’ve met yet. We are your United Way!  We love this beautiful little county as much as you do and, also like you, we’re striving to make it better. So, it seems that we already have a couple of wonderful things in common. 

How We Help


• Providing 24/7/365 access to health and human services through Vermont 2-1-1, United Ways Information, and Referral program. In 2016, our Vermont 2-1-1 program received 1,479 calls just in Bennington County!


  • Calling 2-1-1 connects you to someone who will help you find the resources you need in Bennington County.


• Helping children and families reach their greatest potential through Help Me Grow Vermont.


• Facilitating collaborations and conversations among the many great organizations that exist and serve our communities!


• Funding support through the United Way Catamount Community Fund.


Our Role


We are busy at work on our Collective Impact strategies: evaluating Bennington County data from the 2-1-1 call center, reaching out to community members for their input on what is needed to advance the common good, and working with businesses and agencies on strategic initiatives to meet these needs.


Our role is to unite community members that will work collectively to make a positive impact felt by all who live here. You are an important part of this work. Please join our efforts to address Education, Health, and Financial Stability.




A group of Bennington College and Southern Vermont College students join us for our first Day of Caring!

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